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I dedicate this site to...

My mother. She may never understand why I travel, but has love for whatever choices I have made. I think that's called unconditional love. I love you, too!

My family. As the list of places I've been to has grown, I think my family has grown more supportive and proud of my traveling ways and more curious as to what my next adventure would be. Our lineage is Cervantes and though my personality and goals may be different, my blood and heart are the same.

The traveller. The wandering soul. The longing for adventure. The curiosity of culture. The appreciation of the unique and different. The eater of street food. The drinker of the local brew. The dancer amongst a 7, 8 or 9 nation army. The witness to nature’s heaven on earth. The backpacker. The flashpacker. The gap year. The 1 week retreat. The adventure of a lifetime. You've inspired me in my travels and I can only hope to do the same. Happy travels!

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