Passport of Photos


I travel Therefore I am

Bryan Cervantes. Traveler. Travel photographer. Adventurer. Lucky person.

10 years of travel. 51000 photos. 3 am nights. 8 months of organizing, editing and website development. 2 of my passions -- travel and photography.

Travel photography is my creative outlet and allows me to see the world not through a lens, but through another perspective. I've found myself, many times, trying to take a photograph differently, which results in one looking at places, people and objects differently. At its essence this creative project is a photo journal. It reminds me of the path I have wandered through. It shares my experiences with family and friends of our beautiful world. It hopes to inspire others to travel to receive their own education of the world and of themselves. My photo journal documents my growth as a photographer -- more importantly, it documents my growth as an individual.

When I'm not exploring the world, I receive fulfillment helping people as a physiotherapist in Vancouver, Canada.

If you are interested in my portfolio for commercial or personal purposes or would like to utilize my eye for travel photography assignments, please contact me.